Matt Tommy for Partner Testimonial Videos

February 08, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Matt Tommy, 8 Figure Agency

As a valued partner of Sellible could you briefly describe how you work with us right now?

Matt Tommy: What's going on, Tim and Chris I just want to say you guys are absolute studs, easy to work with. super professional, would highly recommend working with these guys got a bunch of Setters and Closers from multiple of our high ticket info products. Tim's a beast at closing. I know Chris personally as well, these guys are the real deal, so they really take it seriously. They place good people a lot of people doing this like, you know, arbitrage of sales reps. But these guys actually vett them out, it's a real process. it's super clean, so get amongst it and yeah, get started with the boys.

How many members from Sellible have you hired to date now? And, what was the level of the talent like?

Matt Tommy: So I'm gonna say total around like 6 to 10 setters, couple of Closers and say like 2 to 4. the guys are high level talent. again these are setters that are ringing like 100 dials a day they follow a process, they're easy to train which is really really hard to find, especially people getting softer and softer and weaker and weaker in this day and age. so it's really encouraging to find people that just put the work in that are coachable and just kind of slide into the process and from like a closing perspective as well. Just guys that have info product experience which is kind of rare to find that you know aren't taken you know off the market that can close leads to follow up leads and and bang out dials as well. So I would highly recommend getting stuck in with the boys and talents are A1

Would you recommend other salespeople, brands & hiring companies to partner with us? If so, why?

Matt Tommy: Yeah, I kinda mentioned before, again, these guys, you know, have a lot of experience. they have a really good marketplace, I really like the layout. It's very well thought out, quite intentional. And just the talent they attract the process to speed, which is most important. And the people that you get on their quite active and, they respond quickly as well. So it means when you're scaling really quickly as we do throughout millions a month in revenue, it's really important to get A players that are quick and obviously, you know, I think everyone knows the importance of, you know, not having churn and having, you know, a great Closer or good Closer and okay Closer or like a great Setter and so on as well. You know, two of our best Setters on offer, both from Tim and Chris and then a couple of Closers, which as well from Tim and Chris as well. And then the other guys, you know, on far behind with a bit of training. So yeah, I appreciate you guys. And, yeah, you have a good work and hopefully we'll be getting many more reps from you to come.

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