Mike Redmond - Sellible - Member Testimonial Video

February 19, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Mike Redmond, Appointment Setter

What would you say are the core benefits of joining a sales community like Sellible?

Mike Redmond: Hi, my name is Mike Redmond, I'd say the core benefits of joining a sales community like Sellible. The men behind it, you've got Chris Kitto, and Tim Young that are absolutely brilliant. I was referred from another colleague of mine, to Sellible, and within 10 minutes I was contacted to fill out a form, do my application. Then another five minutes after that, I was contacted by Chris and then Tim Young himself and had a wee bit of a chat about things where I've come from, how I was currently working in mining and I've got a sales and finance background and had a chat about wanting to get into a remote sales position and get out of mining. And within 10 days it all happened and I've now started my new career as a remote sales setter and there's no looking back.

When you reached out to the guys at Sellible to land another remote sales job, what was the outcome and experience?

Mike Redmond: When I reached out to Chris Kitto, at Sellible. They put me on to Tim Young and I explained my current situation that I was working in mining after being in business, where I owned some car dealerships workshop and a warranty company for a number of years. I've also worked in sales as a rep for Red Bull, Coca Cola and managed other car dealerships as well as done gym memberships in the fitness industry because I'm a reps registered personal trainer as well. So with that combined, and sending through my CV, the outcome of that was, I landed an interview with a company called High Performance Father. Within two days I had an online interview, answering a series of questions about myself and then the CEO gave me a call scheduled an appointment for a day after that, which was on the Friday. Just been, and it is now Monday morning and I've already started my new career there. So the whole process was very streamlined. Everyone was very helpful and the outcome extremely positive. Within 10 days from the initial contact with Sellible, I've started my new career and out of working in the desert and now working remotely where I can work from anywhere in the world. As long as I get my job done and, call all the leads at hand and obviously perform my role. I'm very grateful for Sellible to put me in this position so quickly. I was aiming for 2025 to be honest with you and it's now the 20th of February 2023 and it's already happened.

Would you recommend others to join Sellible? If so, why?

Mike Redmond: I would highly recommend Sellible to anyone who's serious about getting into sales or a remote selling position. Reasons for that is from the very start. The contact and follow up has just been absolutely brilliant. Chris and Tim are great guys and they followed through to getting me an interview in the right place and the outcome which I desired. I've never experienced anything so quick and efficient in my life and to get the outcome that I wanted so quickly, seamlessly is why I would recommend everyone and anyone that's wanting to upgrade their life, to be able to work from anywhere in the world and take their career to a whole new level.

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