Justin Sattiewhite - Testimonial

December 13, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Justin Sattiewhite

What would you say are the core benefits of joining a sales community like Sellible?

Justin Sattiewhite: The core benefits, I would say, from joining Sellible, it's just the sense of security, you know, and support that you get from joining the community, you know, just knowing that if you have nowhere else to turn, you can get an amazing opportunity here in Sellible. That would be the biggest core benefit for me. When I didn't have anywhere else to turn, when I couldn't find a gig anywhere else, I was able to get one almost immediately with Sellible.

When you reached out to the guys at Sellible to land another remote sales job, what was the outcome and experience?

Justin Sattiewhite: When I reached out to land another remote sales job, it took me literally maybe two or three days to to land another gig. Or reached out to Tim, and Tim said he knew somebody that needed someone. He reached out to that person. He put me in contact with him in a group chat maybe the same day or the next day. You know, after that I spoke with him maybe about a minute or two, let him know my situation. And after that I was pretty much immediately hired and began work the following week. And I've been working here ever since, making great money. So yeah, outcome almost immediate. I can't say that. It'll be like that for everybody, right? But it worked out immediately for me.

Would you recommend others to join Sellible? If so, why?

Justin Sattiewhite: We would definitely recommend others joined Sellible. It worked out for me immediately. I got an amazing opportunity. If you're looking for another remote sales position and you can't find one anywhere else, definitely join Sellible, Tim will be able to help you out. That's who helped me. So if Tim is helping you, you're you're set anybody else on Sellible. If Tim backs them, they have to be credible. So no matter who helps you out, you will be set join sellable.

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