Fortune Jackson-Bartelmus for Sellible Testimonial

December 14, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Fortune Jackson-Bartelmus, Appointment Setter/Closer

What would you say are the core benefits of joining a sales community like Sellible?

Fortune Jackson-Bartelmus: the core benefits to joining a sales community like Sellible, I'd say you get a job very quickly and it's not just any job. It's a, the ones that the ones, yeah, the job that I got was, awesome. I mean, I love it. I just started. But I mean, I can already tell like worked several other companies before. I can already tell. I love the culture of the company. I love the way the commission is set up the, the option for a base salary. I love the product that I'm selling. I love the leader of the company, everything together. I mean, it's just, it's phenomenal, it's better than any other, um, job finding platform.

When you reached out to the guys at Sellible to land another remote sales job, what was the outcome and experience?

Fortune Jackson-Bartelmus: It was an absolutely amazing experience when I reached out to the guys that Sellible and they literally found me a job within 72 hours of me reaching out to them and I absolutely love the job. I'm gonna make a lot more money at this job than any other remote job that I've ever had. And not only that like this job has the trajectory to promote me within the next 1 to 2 months to a position where I'm gonna be earning even double what I'm currently earning. So right now projected to make about $4000-$10,000 a month and then I should be making about $10,000-$20,000 a month within the next 1 to 2 months. so really excited, super efficient, super enjoyable process. I couldn't recommend it more.

Would you recommend others to join Sellible? If so, why?

Fortune Jackson-Bartelmus: So the answer is yes I would recommend others to join Sellible. The reason is I mean I've had a better experience on Sellible you know working with the guys and speak with the guys that Sellible compared to any other place I've looked for a job. So yeah I mean it's it's the best I've ever experienced. I wouldn't go anywhere else really to look for a job. These guys are clearly the best and what they're doing and had an awesome experience. You know found a great job that I absolutely love and I would only want anyone else I know who's looking for a job sales job to have the same kind of experience that I did. So that's why I recommend them to Sellible.

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