SecurEnds Client Testimonial - Ulterra

January 11, 2022

Derek Greer, Director of IT Operations at Ulterra Drilling Technologies shares what it's like to work with SecurEnds. Learn about getting onboarded and how the tool has helped their company

Video Transcript

Speakers: Derek Greer, IT, Director of Operations, Ulterra Drilling Technologies

Please introduce yourself and tell us about your experience with SecurEnds.

Derek Greer: My name is Derek Greer. I'm the IT Director of Operations for Ulterra Drilling Technologies. Ulterra is the leading manufacturer of pdc drill bits that are equipped with the most innovative designs and technologies. In my role I oversee help desk support operations, systems operations and IT compliance. The company has seen tremendous growth over the years and our internal and external IT audit requirements have paralleled the growth of the company. A portion of the audit requirements that we struggled with are around access reviews of applications. We have a mix of modern and legacy applications deemed in scope that we have to review access quarterly. In addition, we have an organizational structure that is very dynamic and changes frequently in response to oil and gas market shifts globally Add a pandemic in 2020 and a global crash of the oil and gas markets. You can see where the challenges really add up. In 2020, we were introduced to SecurEnds Credential Entitlement Management. We worked with our sales rep and onboarding specialist to run a Proof of Concept. The team assigned to our POC was great. Greg and his team really took the time to understand our use case and configure the solution around our specific requirements. During the POC, the SecurEnds team worked with representatives from our internal and external auditing firms to ensure the requirements the auditors had were being met with the CEM. The transition from POC to live production system was great. Any time we ran into technical limitations, SecurEnds onboarding teams and development teams were willing to meet very quickly with our internal teams to resolve the issue.

Now that the tool is up and running, how does your process look different than it used to?

Derek Greer: Now that the SecurEnds CEM tool is up and running, our processes look immensely different. What previously was a series of data dumps into Excel and manually matching users across platforms, documenting access, having managers review and approve or request changes, receiving in compiling responses in creating reports took 60 to 90 days with a lot of hands on processing and follow up. Our process now is very simply to create the campaign, import data via ETL job in SecurEnds and trigger the campaign. All steps of the process are documented within the SecurEnds system and attached to the campaign report.

What is the easiest thing about working with SecurEnds?

Derek Greer: While working with the SecurEnds team, two aspects really stand out. First, the people behind the SecurEnds product. The SecurEnds team is very responsive and patient throughout the entire process. Their team is very knowledgeable about the product and have really bought into what CEM can do. Second, the flexibility of flex connectors to adapt to our environment and products to standardize the access review process, legacy applications that previously required Microsoft Excel spreadsheet creation is now handled with extract, transform load ETL processes across the different systems. This has saved Ulterra a lot of time and resources, completing these repetitive tasks and ensures our access reviews are complete and accurate.

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