ScaleX Consulting CV Service Testimonial

February 24, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Tony Caboni, Senior Consultant

Please introduce yourself and tell us why you felt you needed to revamp your CV.

Tony Caboni: My name is Siham Tony Carboni I'm the Senior Consultant And the reason I wanted to revamp my old CV it was because it was outdated and I needed to review it and put all the new information more updated information

Which package did you choose, and what was your main benefit from the service?

Tony Caboni: I chose the Platinum Package It was fairly priced and the benefit I got from it was that it was including several reviews by the advisers And also it would help me to revamp my LinkedIn Profile as well

Who would benefit from using a CV Service?

Tony Caboni: I think in general everybody would benefit for having a new CV updated in order to promote himself or herself

Would you recommend the ScaleX CV Service to a friend or colleague, and why or why not?

Tony Caboni: I would highly recommend the CV Services from ScaleX simply because it is fairly priced Plus the fact that they are very professional They do They did a very good job for me and it really worked for me Because in the first two weeks after I uploaded my new CV on LinkedIn I got contacted with by two individuals and three recruiters So it really worked for me I would highly recommend this service from ScaleX

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