ScaleX Consulting - Client Testimonial

March 06, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Mark Reed, General Manager, Pro-Lab Diagnostics

Please introduce yourself and your company.

Mark Reed: Good morning My name is Mark Reed I'm the General Manager of Pro-Lab Diagnostics based on the Wirral in Merseyside We are part of a an International Group of companies specialise in the research and development of innovative diagnostics for microbiology and laboratory automation

Why did you decide to choose ScaleX Consulting as your exclusive recruitment partner?

Mark Reed: The reason that we use ScaleX Consulting I actually first met Lee, 17 or 18 years ago, I actually forget The young lady in question he employed for us as a territory manager is actually now our Sales Manager Very successful to We've had other Territory Managers quite recently we had a quite a concerted recruitment drive to bring people in post-covid due to the growth of the company during that period And we've also had a product manager 13 years ago And now is our scientific director and more recently we've had a contracts manager working with Lee One of the things that we like most about the company is it may sound a little planted but it is not the candidates that you get have true potential candidates who are suited to the job The screening that they do is absolutely excellent and the guidance of the candidates and ourselves it's great and we've never used anybody else in all of that time and no intention of doing so

Describe the expertise and the quality of ScaleX's recruitment service.

Mark Reed: With respect to the expertise that Lee offers and his staff It's really all down to the quality of the candidates they have obviously candidates on the books people that are looking for the next move in their career and they also approach candidates very professionally when they know the sort of person that you're looking for It is all about quality As I mentioned earlier We don't end up buried with dozens and dozens of applicants which not all of them are always applicable keen but not applicable So it's all about quality It's all about service and reliability I think when Lee and his team say they'll do something they do

What kind of concrete value has the recruitment partnership generated for you?

Mark Reed: The value of a recruitment partnership what companies like ourselves need Obviously we're very busy We all think we know everybody We all think we can just wave the flag and people will want to come and work for us That's happened in the past but the main thing really is form a good relationship have a good understanding of the company you are dealing with and allow them to build a relationship and understand, you know the ethos of what the company is Pro-Lab is a very close knit organisation Everybody works very closely together People have called us a family There's been some pretty amusing videos have been made about us with the work that we've done with Covid But it's about understanding the needs of your client and that is exactly what they do at scaleX

Whom would you recommend to partner with ScaleX and why?

Mark Reed: Recommendation to work with ScaleX I would certainly offer a recommendation to work with ScaleX If you need somebody who's going to understand your needs to get to know you and be able to promote you know the company and its its work etc etc You need somebody who is dedicated to task and ScaleX are I don't think there's an awful lot more to say about that We've never worked with anybody else No intention to work with anybody else If you want some professional who will look after you work with them

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