Kansas Practice Model Q&A: KPM Tools

January 28, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Desirae Pina, DCF, Southwest Region

Give an example of how using the KPM tools has positively affected a child/family?

Desirae Pina: My favorite part about the KPM tools and how it's positively helped me with families is the fact that it doesn't only focus on the problems and what might need fixed, but it also focuses on the positives. Sometimes in these situations it's hard for families to look at the positives in their life, um and that's my favorite thing to focus on.

What’s your favorite KPM tool and why?

Desirae Pina: So my favorite KPM tool is probably the safety scaling. I think it gives us an opportunity to educate - especially littles - on what safety is and what safety means and helps us, you know, to teach kids that may not otherwise know what keeps them safe in their homes or outside of their homes.

What tool are you using that has surprised you, because initially you didn’t think you would use that tool?

Desirae Pina: One tool that has surprised me that I didn't think I would use, but that I've enjoyed using would probably be stating worries and concerns because at the beginning, I felt like, well we know what we're worried about, because that's what the report came in for. But, I think elaborating on that as to like who all have these concerns: Is there somebody in the house that also has the same concerns? And why are we concerned about it? What could this possible concern lead to in the future?

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