Kiran's Self-Mastery Project 1 Testimonial

March 18, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kiran

How has Self-Mastery Project I Helped you?

Kiran: The intention of actually becoming self reliant and not depending on anyone for anything emotionally was what got this course into my paradigm. And I've achieved a lot more than just that. For me, this course has been.. it felt like coming back home, being lost, coming back and going forward, trying to achieve more. The journey itself has been a profound journey for me.

What are changes in you that have been recognized by your close friends and family since joining the program?

Kiran: Yeah, the changes that I've noticed in me is that I am more confident I am more vocal, I am making my own decisions. I'm not relying on anyone for it. I see myself as very strong. I see a different me. I can feel it too.

How was your experience of the yoga component and its benefits for you?

Kiran: So I've seen how this whole module, this whole program has been actually fixed one module after the other. And I actually have appreciated that a lot and I've seen the importance of yoga, the importance that yoga is actually played in this. It has helped me immensely, especially where my anxiety is concerned, where surrender is concerned, where having faith is concerned. Three biggest things, especially my anxiety, which I was actually not able to get out of. And I realized it was as simple as just watching your breath.

How would you describe the program facilitators?

I feel Usha is really gifted and so is Shravi, I have seen how Usha is intuitive, how her insights have helped and how she's actually programmed this whole journey to help us. I am extremely grateful to her for this. And so is Shravi. I have had such beautiful experiences in my yoga classes and the questions.. the point on questions that he asked us to actually reflect on when we are doing our yoga. It's been amazing. It's like someone actually hitting the nail on its head completely. And it's, it's beyond words. Both of them are.. I can cannot explain how they have contributed to this whole journey. It's beyond words, to explain it.

Would you recommend Self-Mastery Project 1 to your friends and loved ones?

So, yes, I would. This is a whole program for someone who actually wants to have mastery over themselves or rather a way to live life would be a better way to put it. We are so clueless about a lot of things and we get lost in the way. We don't know what to do. This is like coming back on track. And moving from there, This helps you in your life. This is your foundation. This is important.

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