Lakshmi's Self-Mastery Project 1 Testimonial

March 11, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Lakshmi, Movie Star

How has Self-Mastery Project I Helped you?

What you need is within you, right? That's what I've learned through my journey through meditation and self work. But as human tendency, we are always looking outside for that one job to come through, for that person to be nice to you if I had a better relationship with whoever you're suffering with, but how do you do it? Right? It's all cerebral, you understand it. But how do you incorporate it? That's what self mastery has taught me in the most effortless way because otherwise it's so hard. What do you mean look inside me? How can I learn? That's why you do the self mastery program and that's really taught me to see the divine inside me, not in a scary way, but in the most beautiful way and, understanding what that is. So I'm super... that's how, Self-Mastery program has helped me.

What are changes in you that have been recognized by your close friends and family since joining the program?

What are the changes? I think for me, the most important change is me looking at myself, me loving myself and not being critical about it..about me and I'm sure the changes will automatically be seen. I see a big shift in the way I respond to the world and how the world responds to me only because my frequencies changed. So that's, that's what I would tell the big difference and change that we see between each other.

How was your experience of the yoga component and its benefits for you?

Yoga. I've always been a lover of yoga just how beautifully you can get in touch with yourself in the mind, body, spirit alignment. When you do yoga and this yoga that Kamala teaches, which is from the school of Krishnamacharia. the first few classes I was like, what is this? You know, I'm, how do I, how do I, it wasn't like Ashtanga where you felt it and you were tired and, you know, but this was a very gentle, beautiful practice where whatever Usha teaches, it's incorporated into the body no matter how much you understand meditation and self work and inner work it's all here and then you can move places. But then how do you bring it to the body? You live on this earth.. You need to practice and be able to relate to what you learn through this body. And that's how yoga has helped me and I love it. I think it goes hand in hand.

How would you describe the program facilitator (Usha)?

How do I.. what do I have to say about Usha and Kamala? So I was very scared because it's like, 1 Year program, how is this gonna be? How much can I share? It's gonna be so scary. But I tell you, I've found a friend... a mentor.. a support system. I don't think I've ever been, I've never felt, I mean, I've been loved, I am loved. I have millions who love me but truly to be felt loved and accepted with all your idiosyncrasies. because, you know, we always wear masks to show you what I want you to see. But with them, there are no masks, you, you're raw, you're bare and, the most beautiful part is you're not afraid because you're so afraid to show your true self out and they've held the space for me. And if I, if I go to Kamala complaining about something, she'll say, go ask Usha if it's not something that she can handle and vice versa... Usha would be like, when was the last time you had your yoga class? I'm like, so it's hand in hand. You have two classes a week and so whatever is happening is processed through these classes. it's not like you go to a one week course somewhere or attend a course somewhere and yes, that, that stays with you and you're able to see the benefits of it but nothing like a continuous support and love, not just with Usha and Kamala, but each and every one of them were involved in this journey. And I really, I used to have a lot of fear about life. The world is horrible. There are so many mean people, what is the world I'm leaving for my daughter, but I'm not afraid anymore. I think the world is a beautiful place and we are taking through this journey in the most beautiful light, happy way I can go on. But that's what it is.

Would you recommend Self-Mastery Project 1 to your friends and loved ones?

No, not if you want to be stuck where you are, you need to be there only! I'd recommend it if you want to shed your fears and your inhibitions and live your complete full potential in this life, then self mastery is for you. Otherwise don't waste your time if you want to be stuck in your nonsense. I mean, it because we all carry a lot of nonsense but self mastery program is making this life beautiful for you, for yourself and for the world around you.

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