Swethambari Reddy - Testimonial for Self-Mastery Project II

February 06, 2023

A from-the-heart insider view of what the Self-Mastery Project II is all about...

Video Transcript

Speaker: Swethambari Reddy, Interior Designer

What motivated you to continue on the Self-Mastery Project journey?

Swethambari Reddy: So SMP 1 was a year long course that I had joined. And along the way, I learned Reiki, I became a Reiki Master. I learned so many things about how relationships work. I learned so much about how life works, how it's a process of being inside-out. And so many of my existential questions got answered and the answers literally blew my mind. These are conversations that I've never had with anybody else outside of this course. And they were just such an eye opener about how you can live your life and how you can be in control of your own life. So when, after I graduated, Usha came up with SMPII I just didn't have it in me to say no, you know, it was like, who am I to even deny this opportunity that's been given to me on a platter because I had learned so many valuable tools in SMPI And I was so excited to be a part of SMPII, because if I can further my knowledge about all of these things about how life works... And if I can be of any use to even one person who is in need of the sort of knowledge.. I think that would be an extremely, extremely fulfilling experience. So, I just went right ahead and very excitedly jumped into this course.

What value have you gained from being in this 18 months process?

Swethambari Reddy: The past 18 months have been truly exciting. I've learned so many techniques. I've learned how to hold space.. a safe space for people who need it and being available for a fellow human being on that level is truly a humbling experience. I've learned techniques such as emotional alchemy technique, which is a very, very precise way to identify and deal with your childhood traumas so that, you know, they don't show up in your current day relationships and they don't mess up your adult life. I'm also a past life regression therapist now. And it's, it's fascinating and exciting and I can actually guide people to go into their past lives and identify stuff that is that they've carried as a baggage from that lifetime into this lifetime. And that's kind of messing up their current reality. So it's all very, very fascinating and it's opened up so many avenues. Only parallel avenues, I would say that I wasn't aware of, but they truly exist. And when I can harness that power into this physical life, it's, it's a very, very magical and transformative experience. So it's been amazing and it's added like priceless value to my life.

Which modules were your favorite and why? And how was your experience of the yoga training program?

Swethambari Reddy: Learning the emotional alchemy technique was definitely one of my favorite modules because it was so tangible and you could see the healing happening right in front of your eyes and you could see people transforming in front of your eyes. So that was very, very magical. Of course, becoming a past life regression therapist. That module was extremely exciting. I got to see a couple of my past lives I got to regress a couple of my friends into their past lives and very, very, very, very fascinating experience. And yoga, yoga... What, what can I say about yoga? I used to be one of those people who thought yoga's for old people. It's so slow, it's so boring. What is even going to happen if you do this? I can't do this and all of that. And, and from being that person, I've totally transformed into this person who's crazy about yoga, who's in love with yoga, who who thinks that yoga has the power to transform your life because it truly does it, it when you practice it seriously and consistently it has the ability to change you on a cellular level. And when the cells in your body rearrange themselves. because life is inside out, it ends up transforming your entire life. It truly has magical properties. So thanks to this module and thanks to our amazing yoga teacher, Kamala. I'm madly truly and deeply in love with yoga.

How confident are you about using the deep trauma healing techniques you learnt? Is there sufficient post-program support in your practice?

Swethambari Reddy: I'm quite confident about using my techniques because the coaching was so intensive and we got to practice so much, of course, there's always room and scope for improvement and the more I practice, I'm definitely going to get more and more confident and there's a lot of post program support because it's, this doesn't even feel like it's a post program support because um I've been with my friends, I've been with Usha and all of them for so long. It's almost like they're family, you know, there's no pre and post program. So it's like we've just merged ourselves into each other's lives. So we're always there to support each other and just, you know, to hold each other up.

Would you recommend Self-Mastery Project II to the existing batch of graduates from Self-Mastery Project I? Why?

Swethambari Reddy: I would definitely for sure 1000% recommend SMPII to the existing batch of SMPI students because of the value. I mean, I don't even think there's a need for recommendation because as they would have seen how much value it adds to their lives and what these techniques can do and how they can help you. SMPII is just that with a booster shot. So I don't think they should be missing out on this opportunity. Definitely, definitely not because opportunities like this don't come along very often in life and when they do, it's like the universe knocking at your door and you better open that door.

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