Gali Vani - Self-Mastery Project II Testimonial

February 16, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Gali Vani, IAS officer in Govt of Andhra Pradesh, India

What motivated you to continue on the Self-Mastery Project journey?

Gali Vani: Having done the Self-Mastery 1 program with, Anuradha (Usha), I was very excited when she announced the Self-Mastery 2 and having benefited a lot from the Self-Mastery 1 program because it helped me to look at the hard facts of my own anxiety and my own pain in a very deeper manner. I felt it will help me to go much more deeper and understand myself. And so I joined this program with her and it's actually more than a program. It's a journey of learning about oneself and looking into the mysteries of one's own personality and the way Anuradha explains everything is so simple and, and she's extremely a profound person and I was very happy to do the Self-Mastery 2 program with her.

What value have you gained from being in this 18 months process?

Gali Vani: By doing this Self-Mastery 2 module with Anuradha, I found that I could go deeper into myself and face my pains, anxieties in a much more easier manner without fearing them.

Gali Vani: go into the depths of my being and, to sit on the fire as Anuradha says and face the situations, face the anxieties and this itself is a lot. So because that does not, compound the problems and multiply the problems which happens when you keep avoiding the issues and situations. So I think it has given me a lot of value and made my life better in every way.

Which modules were your favorite and why? And how was your experience of the yoga training program?

Gali Vani: I actually enjoyed all the modules because I found everything was such a learning process for me, which I could keep using, somewhere or the other.

How confident are you about using the deep trauma healing techniques you learnt? Is there sufficient post-program support in your practice?

Gali Vani: So, and I think that confidence will come over the months and years with a lot of practice. There's a lot of post program support and Anuradha is always available to us in different ways and we practice on each other. And then we do have frequent meetings,

Would you recommend Self-Mastery Project II to the existing batch of graduates from Self-Mastery Project I? Why?

Gali Vani: Anuradha is such a wonderful teacher. She unravels the mysteries of life, unpacks it and makes it seem so simple at the same time being very profound too.

Gali Vani: I think if one wants to go deeper into oneself and understand how to go further and solve these problems, instead of getting stuck in patterns and be blocked and clogged and not knowing how to sort out life's issues. I think it definitely helps a lot to take the Self-Mastery 2 module to go deeper into itself and

Gali Vani: life. And it's done me such tremendous good. Like in every way I feel so much better, a fuller person

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