Deepti - Self-Mastery Project II Testimonial

February 08, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Deepti, Digital Marketing Consultant

What motivated you to continue on the Self-Mastery Project journey?

Deepti: So what motivated me to continue on the self mastery journey was that I had profound shifts in my life and my work after I completed my Reiki Mastership, the teachings of Seth that we learned and the healing ability that I have was really positively impacting me. I was also conducting, I started conducting healing sessions as well for others. So I was able to touch the life of a few other people through Reiki and you know, help them also have shifts in their health and in their emotional health as well because they started feeling much better. So I wanted to learn more. I wanted to grow more. I wanted to better myself. And that's what motivated me to continue on the self mastery project.

What value have you gained from being in this 18 months process?

Deepti: So I've gained immense value in the last 18 months. I don't know if it's possible to put it down in just a few words, but I will definitely try now. The main thing that I found, which was different is that my way of looking at things changed profoundly, especially after we dwelled in processes like emotional alchemy and past-life regression. Obviously, as we are learning the processes, as we are learning how to use these tools, we use them on ourselves first. And with the guidance of Usha, we are able to, you know, really see and work with the inner material or the contents of our mind as Usha calls it So It's, I can really say that it doesn't only give us profound shifts though. That is one of the things that attracted me the most. But in a very grounded way, I think I'm able to conduct my life. There's a sort of inner peace which I feel mainly because of the perspective shifts that have happened in the last 18 months because of learning all that I have learned in the course

How confident are you about using the deep trauma healing techniques you learnt? Is there sufficient post-program support in your practice?

Deepti: So the deep trauma healing techniques that we have learned, I think I'm still in the practice phase. It's definitely, even when, you know, we practice on each other, we are seeing shifts whenever I've had emotional alchemy done to me by one of my classmates or I have done it to somebody. I think, you know, we had even shifts while practicing. I think with the Sacred Paths center now in Hyderabad, I feel very confident that we'll get enough sessions that we can do and we are getting together and we are practicing on each other.

Deepti: So, but for me personally, I'm still in the practice phase and I hope that, you know, I get enough practice so that I'm able to start practicing and offer sessions to others as well. Because I feel like this is really needed right now. However, I don't want to go out there and just start doing it without sufficient, practice from my side.

Would you recommend Self-Mastery Project II to the existing batch of graduates from Self-Mastery Project I? Why?

Deepti: I think I would recommend self-mastery 2 to those who are serious about healing, who are serious about not only healing their own trauma but serving others in the capacity that they can to heal trauma and those who are serious about their own spiritual growth,

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