Ali Massarotti for S9 Case Studies

March 02, 2023

See how S9 Consulting helped a business launch and scale successfully through expert digital marketing, web design, and administrative support. Gain valuable insights on achieving business success.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ali Massarotti, Owner

What problem was your company dealing with before S9 Consulting ?

Ali Massarotti: I started working with S9 consulting in 2022 when I launched my first business, I chose to work with them because of their responsiveness in communication and their ability to come up with a bigger picture. They peeled back the layers of my business and detailed out strategies that would guarantee a successful experience. Because of their virtual support I have since launched two other businesses and have had the opportunity to work with them in regards to digital marketing, web design, platform development and administrative needs on the back end. I couldn't recommend S9 more.

How did S9 Consulting help resolve this challenge?

Ali Massarotti: S9 consulting took a bigger picture approach, peeled back the layers and detailed out the different avenues and revenue streams for my business. They then implemented strategies and web flows that would alleviate the burden on me and create a virtual support team on the back end so that I could expand and scale at a more aggressive rate than I expected.

What results did you get with S9 Consulting ?

Ali Massarotti: S9 consulting was able to launch my businesses within the timelines that we initially discussed because of their experience and accelerated speed to complete projects, I was able to utilize them for more than I initially requested, which was just Web design, they're now my digital marketing team, my platform creators, my content creators, and they help facilitate all of my virtual assistant needs.

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