Susan Hansen | Client Testimonial

July 31, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Susan Hansen, Partner, Hansen & Hildebrand, S.C.; Family Mediation Center

Why do you partner with RyTech for your digital marketing needs?

Susan Hansen: I'm a partner at a small family law firm, Hansen and Hildebrand and Co-Founder of the Family Mediation Center. And, both of our businesses have worked with RyTech to meet our website and social media marketing needs. We partner with RyTech and have for many years and will for years to come because they really took time. They understand our business. They learned about our target market and they continue to learn and evolve so that we can stay creative and on top of the curve for all social marketing needs.

What has exceeded your expectations about working with RyTech?

Susan Hansen: RyTech has exceeded our expectations in many ways. The key one for me has been communication. They pride themselves on staying in touch with us, not only to share information, ideas and implement marketing tools, but also to hear from us and to discuss with us our reactions and our needs on an ongoing basis. That communication creates a sense of teamwork that has been priceless.

How would you describe RyTech in three words?

Susan Hansen: Only three words is difficult for me; but, my words would be efficient, effective, expertise.

What would you tell someone who is considering working with RyTech?

Susan Hansen: If you're considering working with RyTech, my advice is just do it. They have the expertise you do not have, and most importantly, you will be hiring someone who sees you as a partner and who will work with you and care about your business and help you grow your business with all of the skills and the incredible team that they have developed.

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