Jaime for Real Estate Testimonial

June 17, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jaime , Baller , Compass

Why did you choose Ryan to help buy or sell your home?

Jaime : I chose Ryan as my agent because um he is very knowledgeable of the area that we are looking in and also had a great recommendations from some good friends.

What challenges did you run into that Ryan helped you sort out?

Jaime : So a few challenges that we ran into, um, during our home buying process was the appraisal, which Ryan came through and an awesome way got it all taken care of to where we were in blue clothes on our home and on timely fashion.

Why would you recommend working with Ryan to buy or sell a home?

Jaime : I would recommend Ryan to any friends and family because he is straightforward, honest and um gets the job done.

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