Words About Rumpus from Mary Gardner, DVM

June 28, 2021

Mary Gardner, DVM, of Lap of Love tells us why she chose Rumpus Writing.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Mary Gardner, CIO, Lap of Love

Why do you trust Rumpus Writing and Editing with your veterinary copywriting needs?

Mary Gardner: Hi, it's Dr. Mary Gardner with Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice, and I just wanted to give a shout out to the Rumpus Writing team. I have known Sarah for about five years, worked with her on a number of projects, and so when last year we were looking for some help with our content writing for our website and some other projects, there was no other group that I, that I could have thought of to help capture the spirit of Lap of Love—our tonality, our warmth, and also the medical side of things, which is really important, and be able to deliver some content to both the general public and also for industry. So I couldn't imagine having a better a better partner than Rumpus Writing, and everybody on the team is just awesome to work with. So big shout out— thanks for everything you guys do.

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