Tildah Magoba - Employee Introduction

February 12, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Tildah Magoba

First, tell us a little about yourself

Tildah Magoba: Hello. My name is Tildah Magoba and I'm a dental coordinator with Retainer Club. I am 30 years old and I am a people person

How has your career unfolded to lead you to where you are today?

Tildah Magoba: Wow. Interesting question. Um, I guess since I was. Seven I've much always appreciated the idea of helping other people and making other people's lives better and just really generally making the space and environment that other people live in very, very comfortable so that they don't have to have that difficult walk if someone can be able to help them. And ah, lot of it I got from my dad, who has, uh, who was a school head and my mom, who was a nurse and also in a midwife. So a lot of who I am really comes from from my upbringing and how I saw my parents live their lives and always having to live with extended family is something that was very common, uh, in my family and even in the lives off my sister. So it's very normal to me for my life, too, not necessarily revolve around but to include a lot of helping people

Have you ever had braces/ Invisalign? If yes, do you wear your retainer?

Tildah Magoba: I've never worn braces, but I've been told that I do need braces because my teeth I gaping and I have noticed as well that I do have have started to have problems over the past two years with gaping teeth. They're not being able to bite into food properly, uh, having to chop most of my food into bite size pieces to make it easier and a lot less painful. So eventually I build some of the courage to have a to wear embraces. But for now I've I've never really worn braces before.

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