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February 17, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Dr Jonathan Petrover, Petrover Orthodontics

Please introduce yourself, then describe how you found Retainer Club

Dr Jonathan Petrover: Hi. This is Jonathan Petrover from Petrover Orthodontics We've been using Retainer Club for the last three months, and we love them. Our cost of making retainers for all of our orthodontic patients was greater than revenue we were receiving for lost or broken retainers. Plus the lost or broken retainers was, a negative experience for the patients. They had to come into the office. We're taking alginate, impressions. They have to come back to pick up the retainers. They have to pay for them. All negative experiences So we're moving out of the retainer making business both for financial reasons, because it it saves us money making the retainers and again, our cash... Our production from lost or broken retainers is less than our costs for making retainers. So it's not making us any money. I know some people have some retainer programs that they make money. Maybe this isn't for you. But maybe you should consider it, too, because when patients find out about how inexpensive Retainer Club is, you don't want to be sitting there explaining to someone that you charge, you know, $700 or $1000 to that there is a significantly cheaper option that the guy around the corner is doing. So just something to consider. It's less expensive product for the patient, which is a win for the patient, and any time the patient wins, ultimately, hopefully we're winning, too. The experience is super easy. We scan the patient's just like we would for any digital appliance or Invisalign we use the iTero scanner. The patients like the technology. The retainers get mailed to their house if they have lost a broken retainers. If they are a debond patients, if they're de bonding Invisalign we remove the attachment, scan them and they get sent to their house because they already know how to take care of the plastic. If their braces patients, we bring them in two weeks before debond take the wires out, scan them, put the wires back debond them on the debond appointment, and then deliver the retainers in the office to those patients. So they have the comfort of of us explaining to them how to use them, how to put them in. Obviously, the Invisalign patients don't need that same level of attention, since they have already worn plastic in their mouth. The quality is far better than anything that we could do in our office. We were using alginate. and pressure material and the quality of the retainers from Retainer Club is excellent. The fit is off of the digital scan. You know, they make models off the digital scan. It's just a better product. So it's basically it's, a cheaper product for the patient. It's not costing us money. It's actually saving us money. It's giving the patient, a better quality product. It's giving the patient far better convenience, especially if they lose or break them they don't have to come back in for an additional appointment and it basically moved us out of out of the retainer business, which is not our primary business. Our primary business is starting new new orthodontic patients and giving them a good, great experience. A good experience in the office and having to pay for a lost or broken retainer is negative experience, and we're removing that, We have a little bit of marketing going on. We have a little insert that Retainer Club produces for us that goes in the box with our name and logo and an offer. That's cool. So we stay top of mind if they lose or break them in the future. And the patients are very excited about it. Happy to be getting something of better quality, happy to be doing something that's more convenient and, and happy to be doing something that's less expensive for them. So overall it is very accepted by the patients. The staff loves it. The patients love it. The parents love it. We love it. So I think it's something you should really look into highly recommend it. Have a wonderful day. Thank you.

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