Lisa Grant shares her Partner Stories

April 02, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Lisa Grant, Owner/ Orthodontist, Grant Orthodontics

Please introduce yourself, then describe how you found Retainer Club

Lisa Grant: Hi, I'm Dr Lisa Grant I'm an orthodontist in Homewood, Illinois. I found Retainer Club when I happened to run into my good friend Blair Feldman, who is the founder of Retainer Club, and I was super excited about this option to offer our patients.

What distinguishes your company from competitors in your area?

Lisa Grant: Our practice is unique in the sense that we have a really wonderful, ingrained culture based on very specific values of family, fun, and philanthropy. along with some others. So we try and go above and beyond for all of our patients putting our patients first and one of the things we do is like to provide a really wonderful experience for all of our patients, something memorable and something fun that you wouldn't typically find at a dental or medical office. So one of those things is just how we provide our services. So again, Retainer Club is just another way that fits into our brand. We're able to give them a beautiful retainer in a lovely case that comes directly to their home. And it goes along, really with our brand offering that really wonderful experience, and something that that I can count on even when they're done with their braces.

How has Retainer Club helped your patients?

Lisa Grant: The beauty of Retainer Club is that it offers our patients a very simple solution to replace their retainers at a very affordable price. A simple scan is all it takes. They choose the membership of their choice and boom, it gets sent to their house. They have no additional appointments, and they really just love the ease and flexibility that retainer club offers.

How has Retainer Club helped your office?

Lisa Grant: Prior to working with Retainer Club It was always a bit of a struggle to sit down and explain to a patient or a parent our retainer fee for an additional one. Nobody really wants to pay anymore after they've paid you five or $6000 for their treatment. So now with using Retainer Club, it's a very easy choice for them. They can see, the benefits of going with something where they're getting a replacement. They can choose the membership that works for them, for their lifestyle and for our office. It's just another level of service that we're able to provide for our current patients, previous patient or even a new patient that walks in and really just wants a new retainer at an affordable price.

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