Dustin Burleson - Partner Stories

February 16, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Dustin Burleson, Founder, Burleson Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry

Please introduce yourself, then describe how you found Retainer Club

Dustin Burleson: Hi, I'm Dustin Burlison. We found Retainer Club through a friend, Dr Blair Feldman, one of the co founders, and we've been really impressed with it. Patients love it. It's convenient for our staff, and we're actually going to, I think, completely remove the laboratories. We're going to save a lot of square footage and we're going to save. I think we conservatively estimated over $140,000 in hard costs and creating a retainers every year. So so win, win, win Patients love that. They're getting fresh, clean retainers on a consistent basis by staff loves that can scan it and send it to retain our club. And I love that we don't have to have our clinic filled with retainer delivery appointments. Patients want to do, I think, as much as they can from home and so retainer clubs helping us do that. So we're super thrilled with it, and not only are we using it, but we're sharing it with all of our members of Burlison seminars you've probably seen either in articles we've written or reports and books that we love Retainer Club were spreading the word. So I hope it works well for you as well. And thanks to Blair and Craig, keep up the great work. Thanks, guys,

How has Retainer Club helped your patients?

Dustin Burleson: Retainer Club has helped our patients get great retainers that fit that are crisp and fresh and clean. But doing that in an environment where they don't have to come back to our office over and over and doing it at a lower cost, so Retainer Club can beat us on cost. And so you know it's our job. Consistently to find what's best for the patient. And if there's something better than what we could do in house, for example, I don't make all the brackets that we glue on the teeth that we outsource, that we get that from a third party vendor. And I think Retainer Clubs, retainers and their system is better than anything we've previously done on our own office. Were honored to partner with Retainer Club because patients absolutely love it. It's just hitting a home run after home run with patients when they discover they don't have to come back. And if they just want another set, they can just go online and click and order. It's just it's been exceptionally well received. So our patients love Retainer Club

How has Retainer Club helped your office?

Dustin Burleson: retainer club has helped our own office by expanding chair time available for new patients and bondings and things that we can't do at a distance. And so we have multiple locations and were high volume. So, you know, every minute of chair time is really valuable for us. And listen, I really believe patients only want to come see a doctor physically in person when they have to. So I was talking to a friend about this, who is an anesthesiologist in Chicago, and he went through the Invisalign process. And he said, Man, I mean, this would be such a home run if I didn't have to go back every six weeks, and he's like six more trays delivered. So, um, you know, patients don't wanna come back for retainers. If I could get a diagnostic, test it home for my physician or, if I can a time of this recording, get a COVID tests at home, I'm going to do that. So we love that patients are happy, and our team loves that. We have more time to do the things that only we can do in the office, and it's just another reason why we love Retainer Club

Final thoughts?

Dustin Burleson: and, you know, bring it to more people so that there is more and more awareness in our profession. So just keep doing what you're doing. You guys were doing amazing work and we really appreciate it. Thanks.

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