Colin Mihalik - Partner Stories

February 17, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Colin Mihalik, Orthodontist, CC BRACES

Please introduce yourself, then describe how you found Retainer Club

Colin Mihalik: Hi, I'm Dr Colin Mihalik from CC Braces a in Corpus Christi, Texas, And I found out about Retainer Club when Dr Feldman had posted something on a Mari's list group and I gave him a call and found out about it and thought it was a great fit for my office and have been using it for about 2 to 3 years now, and I've had great luck using.

How has Retainer Club helped your patients?

Colin Mihalik: Retainer Club has helped our patients in the fact that at the end of treatment they're able to get a set of retainers, and then if they need any in the future, they don't have to necessarily come to the office now will help them in any way that they need. But as we all know, retainers get lost, broken dogs chew on them, and this is an easy way for Mom or Dad not to have to take their time and come back into the office. They just log into the system and get another retainer, and it's worked great. We've had a couple hundred patients use it, and they've all been extremely happy with the outcomes that they've received.

How has Retainer Club helped your office?

Colin Mihalik: Yes, Retainer Club has helped our office in saving appointments and that patients haven't had to come back. Once they've lost one, they could just log in. It also is a nice, simple way for parents to get multiple sets so that if mom or dad or divorced or they need another set or they're traveling you keep one in their travel case, that's a great way. And so you know it's worked out great for us in that patients. Once they're done with treatment, their retainer issues usually are solved through Retainer Club. Not they have any additional problems. We'll definitely take care of them. But Retainer Club is definitely moved us from worrying about retainers as much as to worrying about straightening their teeth and then getting them, getting them into the Retainer Club system.

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