Cindy Lopez-Holguin for Employee Introduction

February 12, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Cindy Lopez-Holguin

Hi. We are asking 3 questions for you to share by video. You can start and stop after each question. First, introduce yourself

Cindy Lopez-Holguin: Hi. My name is Cindy, and I'm partner coordinator here at Retainer Club. And I just want to welcome you to the team and let you know that we are so excited to start working with you.

How has your career unfolded to lead you to where you are today?

Cindy Lopez-Holguin: Okay, so this is a very interesting question. So previously, I was, um, a counselor at a university where I dealt with finances and academic. So it was a very much a desk job helping students and parents. And, um, you know, after a while, I did end up leaving that position, and Breanne actually got me connected with Dr Feldman. And, um, you know, I quickly just loved the idea of retainer club and what we do here now And, um you know, once I started as lab assistant here, I quickly moved up to partner coordinator, which is what I am today and, you know, working with offices, you get them, you know, up and going with retainer club. So I really do enjoy the job here and everything that we do. And I really hope that you eventually feel the same way

Have you ever had braces/ Invisalign? If yes, do you wear your retainer?

Cindy Lopez-Holguin: so I actually went through two phases of braces. I had braces in middle school and then again in college to make some space for an implant that I have right there. And yes, I do remember retainer every single day. I'm actually on my second set of retainers from Retainer Club, and it's just so nice to have a new fresh set I wear every single night for at least eight hours.

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