July 19, 2021

Video Transcript

Speakers: melanie gardner, project manager. whitney miracle, design director. colleen raley, digital strategy. alex hancock, director of strategy & content. christine black, web development . becky charlton, project manager. delaney smith, graphic design. gia monteleone, project manager

we asked the tassel to give shoutouts to their teammates

and here's what they said

colleen raley: It's happened more than once, but Delaney has a way of elevating an idea when we get to design. She takes the strategy that we've all talked about and pulls out these beautiful nuances that could only be portrayed through the art. And I know for a fact that her artwork has been the difference between just a click and a conversion for our clients.

delaney smith: Melanie is the Red Thread project manager I've worked with the longest, and time after time she's been a cheerleader, a conversation wrangler, asana wizard. Because of her attention to detail, projects always go smoothly.

melanie gardner: We recently did a website for a client, and it turned out amazingly well. Um, this had to do with the fact that Delaney, our graphic designer, and Christine, our web developer, worked hand in hand as a team to come up with the best possible solution for our client. The website is beautiful in addition to being interactive and extremely easy to use.

whitney miracle: The way Christine's brain works in transforming initial plans to the fulfilled dream of our clients and for ourselves is just amazing.

christine black: Another teammate I have to mention his Becky because she impresses me how she comes up with ideas and tries to solve problems for clients that haven't even arisen yet, and I admire that attitude.

becky charlton: Really, any time that I'm working on a project that has a difficult aspect to it, and maybe it involves technology that I'm not familiar with, or involves some information that would require me to do a lot of research on, it seems like I can reach out to Alex Hancock and she magically has all the answers and she has been wonderful to work with, a tremendous help to me and I just feel like we're really aligned in the way that we work together. It's been a pleasure and I don't know what I would do without her. Um I guess I'd be doing a lot of research.

alex hancock: Our web developer, Christine is a team member who really makes an impact on every project that she works on. She has a design background and she is really excellent at meshing her design skills and her web development skills together to create websites that are really unique, beautiful and very functional for our clients.

christine black: It's really hard for me to pick just one time that I feel like a team member made an impact on how well a project turned out.

gia monteleone: I really think that the whole team and the way that we work together is what makes an impact on all of our projects. Our abilities to collaborate and communicate allow us to execute exceptional work for ourselves and for our clients.

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