Do this - not that! - Video 2

June 22, 2021

The red thread team talks about fresh approaches to the ever-changing marketing world.

Video Transcript

Speakers: becky charlton, account management & business strategy. colleen raley, digital strategist. gia monteleone, account management & content development. whitney miracle, director of design. christine black, web development. melanie gardner, account management & content development

ok, how do I stay fresh when things change so fast?

marketing tips from the tassel

christine black: Outdated ways of thinking about marketing can be replaced with fresh solutions by reflecting on how other companies are successful in their marketing and doing research to stay current with how marketing is changing.

melanie gardner: Always stay abreast of what new trends are in the digital marketing world.

how does digital marketing benefit my company?

marketing tips from the tassel

whitney miracle: What's so great about digital marketing in particular is that we can collect information about what audiences are really reacting to whatever we're putting out there. I mean, in that data can get

becky charlton: We can be very honed in and very targeted with our messaging,

do I really need company values to get on my audience's radar?

marketing tips from the tassel

gia monteleone: One of the most important trends that we're seeing right now is the desire for authenticity from brands.

colleen raley: Only posting when you have a promotion or a sale can lead to a really exhausting social media presence that tends to be abandoned by its followers pretty quickly. Your customers, they want to know who you are.

gia monteleone: And I think that that's something that might be harder to connect with if you've been doing this a long time and you think like "No people just need to see the product or the service that we're doing." But these days it's much more about your brand's values and um and how you relate to the world

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