8_26_Webmistress Day

July 28, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: becky charlton, project manager

Happy Webmistress Day

to our unicorn of a web developer, Christine Black!

becky charlton: I really love how Christine takes on any task with the mindset of "If there's a way to do this, I can figure it out, or there is a way to do this and I will figure it out."

alex hancock: Our web developer, Christine, is a team member who really makes an impact on every project that she works on. She has a design background and she is really excellent at meshing her design skills and her web development skills together to create websites that are really unique, beautiful and very functional for our clients. She developed the Red Thread Brands website and I love it. And she worked her magic again on the Par Amour salon website. for our client, Gabriella for our client, Gabriella And she created a website that is beautiful and really eye-catching for Gabriella and really exhibits her brand and her personality.

whitney miracle: The way Christine's brain works in transforming initial plans to the fulfilled dream of our clients and for ourselves is just amazing. And I don't know how she manages to think so conceptually about movement and about interactiveness, but the results from her work on any project always make it turn out 10 times better than if I would have just gone at it alone.

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