Do this - not that! - Video 1

June 25, 2021

The red thread team talks about effective vs not-as-effective concepts in marketing.

Video Transcript

Speaker: alex hancock, director of strategy & content

what part of the marketing process is often overlooked?

marketing tips from the tassel

delaney smith: So a very common mistake that can make or break a marketing strategy is not really knowing why you need that strategy in the first place.

alex hancock: One of the biggest mistakes that I see organizations make when they're starting marketing campaigns is the failure to set clear goals.

alex hancock: These goals help you make all of the decisions about your marketing, through every step of the process, from starting with what kind of tactics you're going to use and who you're talking to, all the way through to what success ultimately looks like.

is research really necessary when developing marketing strategies?

marketing tips from the tassel

christine black: A common misstep when someone is making decisions about their marketing is not doing enough research beforehand.

melanie gardner: A lot of times people want to go with their gut when it comes to their marketing and it's much better to look at data and facts when you are looking at your target audience.

christine black: Without it, they won't know what is effective and won't be able to really tune in and speak to their audience, which can then cause their message to get missed or overlooked.

colleen raley: Not taking the time to do strategic audience research can lead to marketing strategies and ad campaigns that serve, perhaps on a mass level, but they fail to serve on an individual level. Your product or your service could solve different problems for different people. So figuring out what problem you solve for each of your individual audience segments is crucial to any marketing strategy.

what are some other common missteps when it comes to marketing?

marketing tips from the tassel

becky charlton: A very common misstep that I see many businesses do is that they try to fit all other services and offerings into one marketing message.

gia monteleone: There's this assumption that word of mouth or other organic efforts, social media, that things like that will suffice. And while helpful, they can only get you so far. It's really important to spend money to make sure that your message is making it to the proper audience, um, and you'll see so much more return for that.

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