August 03, 2021

Video Transcript

Speakers: alex hancock, director of strategy & content

do I really need to improve communication across teams?

alex hancock: Marketing can't exist in a void. So that means that teams within an organization have to work cross-functionally and have to work as partners with vendors, like your marketing company, in order to create successful marketing campaigns. The sales team and the marketing team and the R&D team, and the R&D team, and the R&D team, and the point of sales team all have to work together in order for a clear understanding of consumers and products and business operations that ultimately result in successful marketing. An example of this is a hospital system I worked with in the past where we were spending a lot of time and money and effort. marketing a particular department that was at capacity and couldn't see any new patients. And they were talking about same day appointments. And so obviously the marketing team was putting out a message to the consumers that wasn't accurate and consumers were frustrated because they weren't able to follow through on what they were being told should happen. And so without that communication, we were unable to understand that we could shift those marketing dollars to a different department that ultimately could better utilize them.

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