Vince Douglas for RCA Employees in Recovery Testimonials

July 11, 2022

Video Transcript

Speakers: Vince Douglas, Senior Alumni Relations Coordinator, RCA at Bracebridge Hall

As a person in recovery, what was it like getting back to work?

Vince Douglas: For myself, I didn't really have work prior to getting sober, so for me, it was more getting started with work. I had a sense of willingness and a sense of duty to start striding for goals in my life when it came to a working career, but it was humbling and something that made me feel like an adult to be honest with you. I was kind of not employable during my days in addiction. So, I took a sense of pride getting into the position of being able to work and I took a lot of pride in showing up and on time and I truly did. I still do to this day, you know, I enjoy showing up, I like being responsible, I like being able to do the job that I'm asked to do. So I enjoy it, I enjoy working because I never really did

What was the job search process like for you?

Vince Douglas: I was a little afraid, I do remember that, though I was excited to get started with work and find a job, I was afraid of what other people what employers would think about me. I had a record, two time felon all these various different stigmas and obstacles I thought I'd have to face. I was also sharing with the individuals that I had lived in a halfway house there in this new area that I got sober in and I was nervous, I was nervous, I was full of fear, I wasn't sure if it would work. So I had both, excitement and fear but faith prevailed and I was able to get a job and they took a shot and a gamble with me. I remember the individual who hired me, he said, listen, we don't really hire felons like that to be honest with you and I appreciated it, flat out honesty. He said, but we're going to take a gamble with you. You seem like a decent guy. He also said you were big, so maybe you can carry some lumber around, I took a shot man and I stayed there for a year and they threw a party for me when I left, I went to work in treatment right after a year and they threw a party for me and it was, you know, it was amazing, it was a rewarding feeling to be acknowledged as a good employee, it's something I've never experienced before and I get the honor and privilege to experience what it's like to be a good employee every day, especially with RCA.

As a person in recovery, how did it feel to be hired by Recovery Centers of America?

Vince Douglas: centers of America? Amazing. Absolutely amazing. It was a goal of mine, surprisingly, I knew I wanted to work for Recovery Centers of America. They were new to our area at the time and I did a lot of research; it's a good company and I knew I wanted to get back to helping people and working in the field because I took some time off just to really, you know, I had moved to a different area and I wanted to kind of establish my footing in the community, the recovery community most importantly and kind of build a new network at the time and then get back into doing what I have a passion to do which is helping other people find successful recovery. So it was an amazing feeling. I was so nervous, I prayed about it so much and I've been here for going on four years and I wouldn't want to work anywhere else. I love Recovery Centers of America. I believe in the vision, not just the vision but Recovery Centers of America believes in my vision as well. So to invest myself in a company such as RCA and to be equally as invested in, it's something I've never experienced in my life and I'll hold it near and dear to my heart as far as work is concerned.

What do you like most about working at RCA?

Vince Douglas: What I like most about working for RCA is that the work that I do and that my co-workers and everyone on board does on a daily basis has such an overall impact on the lives of people struggling with alcoholism and drug addiction. It's rewarding work. Even on a hard day it's like that reward in itself is its own, like if you can stay focused on your purpose and why you do what you do, hard days will pass. We all have them. But I love it. So the vision, the purpose, the outcome of the work that we do at Recovery Centers of America is the most rewarding thing, so that's what I like most. I also enjoy my coworkers. I enjoy my coworkers all too well, you know, they're there they're supportive, they carry the same vision as I do and we all have each other's backs and in certain areas so I love it. I love working for Recovery Centers of America and that's what I like the most is the outcome of the work that we do on a daily basis. That's a reward in itself.

What advice would you give someone in recovery who is considering working for RCA?

Vince Douglas: Do it! Do it. Coming from another member of the recovery community - it's rewarding, it's rewarding work. Make sure you're on top of your own recovery. because your work isn't your recovery, I would establish that with them as well. But do it, if you're already considering it in your consciousness or your gut, your higher power is kind of speaking to you in that mannerism, act on it. It's rewarding work. It's definitely worth it. I don't see myself working anywhere else but Recovery Centers of America.

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