Justin Gasser for RCA Employee Testimonials

April 15, 2022

Video Transcript

Speakers: Justin Gasser, Case Manager, RCA at Raritan Bay

How has working at RCA changed your life?

Justin Gasser: Prior to working at RCA I didn't know what I wanted to do, I was working in Shoprite and at the gym and I wasn't too sure what I wanted to do. Then I saw this job to come work for RCA Raritan Bay and I did, and I got the job and the next thing I know is I got back into school with the help of co-workers and colleagues, and I graduate in May with my master's degree to further my knowledge and experience within this field. So overall, I owe a lot to RCA. It's completely changed my life for the better and I really love helping people. I love counseling people. I love everything that goes into it and seeing the patients transformed from when they come into when they discharge.

Why is working for a mission-driven organization like RCA important to you?

Justin Gasser: Working for a mission-driven organization like RCA is very important in the day-to-day. It's a real directive on what it is that you hope to accomplish as an organization, and as an employee to save a million lives. It's an extraordinary goal and a very hard task to accomplish, but having something like that, written in stone really makes you push towards that goal, and that's why I come in every single day to help us reach that goal to save a million lives. I truly enjoy it and seeing the transformation from our patients.

What kind of person makes an ideal RCA employee and what character traits should this person exemplify?

Justin Gasser: I believe it takes a hard-working person, a determined person and someone who could definitely multitask a good employee to work for RCA. As well as have those character traits because you know, it's not an easy task dealing with a lot of different personalities. So being calm, cool and collected as well as being able to work under pressure and having time frames and being able to meet those time frames are good characteristics to have. But you need to be determined and you need to know what the goal is to help the next patient and not put yourself above the patient, but you need to be able to be organized and hard-working for the most part.

What advice would you give someone who is considering working for RCA?

Justin Gasser: The advice I would give someone who is considering working for RCA is to just make sure they're aware that it's a 24/7 facility and that being on time matters. The staff before you just worked eight hours and is trying to go and you need to be in on time, so having good time frames and organizational skills really goes a long way. You know, having good character and a good personality and staying calm under pressure is definitely something to tell a new employee and telling them just to be themselves and be compassionate, have some empathy and that our patients are number one and their safety is top priority.

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