Vincent Douglas for RCA Employee Testimonials

July 11, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Vince Douglas, Senior Alumni Relations Coordinator, RCA at Bracebridge Hall

What is it like working at Recovery Centers of America and what is your day like?

Vince Douglas: centers of America? One word: rewarding. Each day reminds me of myself and my own journey. I am meeting individuals who are dealing with different bottoms, different levels of their own aspect and I'm also dealing with individuals who are equally as excited and purpose- driven to help individuals succeed in recovery and find that path for themselves. It's a beautiful thing, I wouldn't want to do this with any other company. To be able to invest myself in my purpose and my dream into RCA and for them to equally invest in me has been nothing short of a miracle and something I couldn't even have fathomed. When I first got sober, you guys (RCA) have helped me more than you guys will even know.

How has working at RCA changed your life?

Vince Douglas: Working at RCA has changed my life in a million different ways, all of them uniquely different to me I have a different perspective than a lot of individuals who choose their career path. My career path was chosen upon, my personal experience with addiction, with this devastating disease. It's broken me into a million different pieces where I didn't have a career, I wasn't working, I didn't do that for a very long time and until I got sober. It's allowed me to carry out this purpose that I've been given by my own recovery to help the individual who's still sick and suffering, to be there to share in the joy and rewards and promises that recovery allows individuals who are getting sober to achieve, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Working for a company who believes in you as much as I believe in it, to have RCA invest in me as much as I have invested in them - is amazing. Nothing short of a miracle. Looking back on, obviously, I look at all these things through a different lens, I believe, because I looked back [on my] career and how has RCA changed your life - and I'm like, I had no career. I was, you know, seven years ago I was homeless sleeping in a truck. Today, I'm a Regional Alumni Coordinator, carrying out the vision that's been instilled. It's nothing short of a miracle, you guys (RCA) have given me everything I've ever wanted, allowed me to achieve, and much more. I'm able to be a provider for my son - that's amazing. I have goals, I have work goals, which is crazy to say, I didn't want to work. Now, it's like it's obtainable, I have health insurance, let's start there. I have health insurance, that's something I've never had before before getting a job here.

Why is working for a mission-driven organization like RCA important to you?

Vince Douglas: Working for a mission-driven organization like RCA is extremely important for me because if I am going to carry out my purpose and my passion that I have for helping individuals achieve sobriety, I need for who I'm working for to believe in it as much as me, and as an individual who has been here for almost four years, they do. RCA believes in me, they believe in me to carry out their vision and I believe in them to carry out my vision. It is almost as if we are one and the same in regards to our own visions. It's great to work with other individuals who share the same vision. It's beautiful every day we sit down and we talk about how we can help others achieve sobriety. And you know, from leadership down, we're all motivated to carry out the same mission to help individuals to achieve sobriety no matter where they are at because we'll meet individuals on different journeys. It's extremely important because RCA has also believed in me as much as I believed in them. I've invested in them and they have invested in me. I don't foresee me going anywhere else.

What kind of person makes an ideal RCA employee and what character traits should this person exemplify?

Vince Douglas: Love and tolerance, willingness, honesty and open- mindedness. Also, an individual who is willing to take care of themselves. We believe in that here at our site and I believe in all the sites that we have to take care of ourselves so that we can take care of others. That's a character trait that I believe is extremely important that we practice on a day-to-day basis. We support ourselves as much as we support the individuals that were helping. That's a huge character trait I would look for for an individual working in this field, but I also believe love, not a coddling if you will - love - but a love that's embraced in truth is a good character trait that you should display in working in RCA.

What advice would you give someone who is considering working for RCA?

Vince Douglas: Do it. Do it. If you're considering and praying about it, however you are going about considering working for RCA, just do it. Jump on board. Why wouldn't you want to be a part of something this beautiful and this amazing to help individuals achieve sobriety? It's rewarding work, you know? Do it...do it. That's it. That's it. I'm not even gonna...do it.

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