Scott Browning for RCA Employee Testimonials

April 18, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Scott Browning, Alumni Relations Coordinator, RCA at St. Charles

What is it like working at Recovery Centers of America and what is your day like?

Scott Browning: My name is Scott Browning. I'm the Alumni Coordinator at Recovery Centers of America at St. Charles. It's hard to describe a typical day for me, all of them are kind of different, but I do get to spend my days at this beautiful campus that you can see behind me. I usually spend half my days interacting with our alumni, making sure everything's going well in their lives. The other half of my day is spent with the residential patients building rapport, meeting them at their lowest and helping them get through what's probably one of the more challenging, if not the most challenging pieces of their lives and it makes it even better because I get to use my past experience and my recovery program to help them with theirs, so it adds a little bit of meaning to my past struggle as well.

How has working at RCA changed your life?

Scott Browning: Working at RCA has changed my life because it helped me find a career path, helped me realize what I wanted to go back to school for, and it's helped me have a vision towards a more successful future for myself.

Why is working for a mission-driven organization like RCA important to you?

Scott Browning: I think working for any company with a mission is extremely important, and I think that the mission of helping save a million lives is an admirable mission, so, it's a joy to be able to be here on the ground level, to get to see all of those lives individually as we're saving them.

What kind of person makes an ideal RCA employee and what character traits should this person exemplify?

Scott Browning: The ideal our CIA employee, boy, somebody who's kind, caring, compassionate, patient, empathetic and understanding. Somebody is going to be hardworking and if you're at our campus, you're going to have to want to walk.

What advice would you give someone who is considering working for RCA?

Scott Browning: The best advice that I can give somebody who's trying to start working at RCA is to know that there are going to be ups, and the ups are going to be quite up and ther're going to be downs too. And the downs are going to be quite down. So, on the days that are down, just remember the ups. Remember your "why", remember why you started working here. You want to help people, you want to save their life and you want to help them accomplish holistic change in all areas.

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