Audra Franchini for RCA Employee Testimonials

June 06, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Audra Franchini, Senior Communications Manager

What is it like working at Recovery Centers of America and what is your day like?

Audra Franchini: Working at Recovery Centers of America is not like having your average 9-5. Every day, everything that we do makes a difference in someone's life. We are in the business of saving lives, so every day that might look like something different. It's inspiring, it's motivating, it's changing. It's incredible. It's a fantastic place to work. My average day as the [Senior] Communications Manager includes getting out all the exciting and fantastic things that our sites are doing to keep patients engaged and on the path to recovery. Also updating the website and any other marketing materials to let people know we are here and we have one goal and that's to save lives from addiction.

How has working at RCA changed your life?

Audra Franchini: When I first started working at Recovery Centers of America, I didn't have much personal or professional experience in anything that had to do with addiction. I always thought it was something that didn't involve me. I wasn't affected by it personally, so I just kind of let it go and now after working here for over four years and seeing what addiction has done to people, their families and their communities, I understand that I can be a part of the change. It does affect me, it does affect my family, it does affect our communities, it affects everyone. So Recovery Centers of America has really changed my point of view on addiction. I now know it is a disease and it can affect anyone and I am forever grateful that that has changed.

Why is working for a mission-driven organization like RCA important to you?

Audra Franchini: RCA's mission is unlike any other place I've ever worked. Our goal is to literally put ourselves out of business. We want to get rid of addiction, we don't want anyone suffering or losing their lives from addiction. Just having such a selfless, heavy goal is incredible to work towards every day. It's in everything that we do and working in an industry that saves lives, there's no coming back from it. Everything we do makes a difference here and to know that my work, that of my peers is contributing to that mission, it's incredible.

What kind of person makes an ideal RCA employee and what character traits should this person exemplify?

Audra Franchini: I think it's important for anyone who wants to join the RCA family to know that you don't have to have a lot of experience personally or professionally with addiction. You can come here and you will learn and see everything that you need to do this job successfully, compassionately and with your whole heart. That being said, you have to - I think you have to be able to hold on to the good and work on the bad. We hear a lot of great, wonderful positive experiences but there's never enough, we always want more. We always want to know what we're doing great, how can we save more patients? So just being very hardworking and driven, excited, compassionate - never forget that addiction is a disease just like any other. You will be a part of an amazing team here. Our team is great. We have some employees in recovery and we have some employees who are not in recovery. The best idea goes here, whoever is willing to speak up and really take the wheel will succeed well here.

What advice would you give someone who is considering working for RCA?

Audra Franchini: I would tell anyone who's considering working for RCA to come into this with an open mind. What you know personally or professionally regarding addiction and the addiction treatment industry might be different than what we do here. We really pride ourselves on being top of class, the best at treating patients with the dignity and respect that they deserve, and I think a lot of people have a preconceived notion about what addiction is and what it looks like and addiction treatment too, and we break that mold here.

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