Dylan Gasser for RCA Employee Testimonials

April 19, 2022

RCA's Director of Admissions at Raritan Bay talks about what it's like to work for RCA in the substance abuse field.

Video Transcript

Speakers: Dylan Gasser, Director of Admissions, RCA at Raritan Bay

What is it like working at Recovery Centers of America and what is your day like?

Dylan Gasser: My name is Dylan. I am the Director of Admissions for Recovery Centers of America at Raritan Bay. I started here roughly two years ago now, a little over and there's nothing more enjoyable than working here. I started off as a receptionist and slowly made my way up to where I am currently. I don't know what else to say but the fact that this place is nothing but family-oriented and we save lives every single day. My day-to-day consists of saving lives, going to meetings and working with my team to develop new strategies to save more lives.

How has working at RCA changed your life?

Dylan Gasser: I really don't even know where to begin with this question but RCA has greatly influenced my life, greatly impacted my life. I really owe my life at this moment in time to RCA Prior to working here, I was unemployed and on disability but I knew that I was going to have to find a job. My brother [Justin] actually helped me out since he was already employed and I did take the job. Since being here, this place has encouraged me to achieve my Master's degree in which I hope to achieve in the next year and a half. I mean, this facility, this company, takes care of its people and its workers and treats everyone like family. I mean I don't know what else to say, I owe my entire life from where I'm at right now, doing everything that I want to do in my life to this company.

Why is working for a mission-driven organization like RCA important to you?

Dylan Gasser: Before I answer the question, we have to start with the mission behind RCA And that is to help one million people gain meaningful and long-lasting recovery. Now, that says everything about this company, the goal is to save lives, as many lives as possible. And one million is just a start. So knowing you're going into work every day, we're out of the office and you get that phone call that someone needs help. That is a life saved. But you've got to multiply it because it's the power of seven. You're not just helping that patient, you're also helping at least seven family members involved with that patient. So, in reality you're saving at least a minimum of seven people including the patient. And that is why I love this company and the mission it stands for.

What kind of person makes an ideal RCA employee and what character traits should this person exemplify?

Dylan Gasser: I am a firm believer that RCA builds leaders and future CEOs no matter what position they were hired for. RCA loves promoting from within and giving their employees a shot at growing from within the company, and I am a prime example of that. I started off as a receptionist, I became an RSS, driver, admissions coordinator, financial counselor (I stepped in for a little bit), back to admissions and now the Director of Admissions. So, I've been in many departments and I believe there are four traits a person needs to exemplify and that is confidence, confidence in their decision making, confidence just in their voice. Being able to be reliable. patients rely on us to be positive and supportive. Having great communication skills, dealing with the families, and of course being able to work with the team since each department has its own team, you have to know how to work as a team and be a great teammate. This will build leadership skills and capabilities.

What advice would you give someone who is considering working for RCA?

Dylan Gasser: The advice that I would give someone considering a job at RCA would be to get ready to have a second family and a second home, because this place is nothing without its family members, its employees, and get ready to save lives every single day because every person that walks through this door needs help and every person's life is in need of saving.

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