Dan Scanlon - my review

July 12, 2021

Review of rawlinson plumbing and heating

Video Transcript

Speaker: Dan Scanlon

Could you describe a time that Rawlinson Plumbing and Heating helped you?

Dan Scanlon: So I came across Rawlinson plumbing and heating on Facebook. I put a post out because I needed a new central heating system. I had loads of comments came through saying oh Russell is your guy. Russell is your guy, oh Russell is your guy! And sure enough, he turned up. And then at that time I had three or four quotes previous to this and he was by far the best quote, top guy. The lad he brought with him again, very professional, ermm, he installed a full new central heating system into my house, that was under a full renovation. He came to do the first fix. No problem. Even did hot and cold tap for the builders who were in, gave them access inside and outside the water, which he didn't charge me any extra for, and then we had the full central heating system installed and really happy! Had zero problems with it. Yeah, Russell, top man Thank you!

How would you describe Rawlinson Plumbing and Heating in three words?

Dan Scanlon: Honest, reliable and safe.

What would you say to someone considering using Rawlinson Plumbing and Heating?

Dan Scanlon: I fully recommend Rawlinson Plumbing on Be warm and cosy, I have recommended to my own gran! so yeah, that says it all and I live on the other side of Manchester from my gran and he was quite happy to go and see her... so yeah, thanks again!

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