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November 02, 2022

Current Culture / Qola Partner Testimonial

Video Transcript

Speaker: Christian Long, VP of Sales / Partner, Current Culture H2O

Who are you and what do you do?

Christian Long: Hi I'm christian long vice president of sales and partner at current culture ratio. Since about 2006 current culture H show has been a market leader and innovator in hydroponic cultivation solutions. We serve as professional hydroponic growers worldwide, and we specialize in high performance hydroponic systems, premium hydroponic nutrients and expert grower support.

Could you describe how you work with Qola?

Christian Long: Justin and his clients have been utilizing our proven hydroponic systems and hydroponic nutrients since roughly 2010. After many years of success, both for him and his clients and lots of advocacy, we decided to set Justin up as a C. C. A. Show independent consultant. In roughly 2014, uh, Justin has assisted our mutual clients in design, implementation and ongoing management and optimization services.

What has been one of the benefits of your work with Qola?

Christian Long: We worked together on more than 25 cannabis cultivation facility projects spanning multiple states and markets. The team at COLA really understands the cannabis industry and what it takes to operate a cannabis cultivation facility at scale. Um Their approach helps to standardize operations and S. O. P. S. For repeatable results, which is something that's really lacking in today's market.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Christian Long: We believe Justin and cola would make an excellent addition to your team to help ensure the success of your cannabis cultivation facility. Um Justin and cola's program is really a proven system for growers to achieve their goals and ultimately build a sustainable cannabis brand, which is, is challenging in today's market. In addition to his expert support, we'd like to extend the full support of our company in this endeavor, and you guys have an open invitation to come visit our facility in Fresno California at any point to discuss this project or answer any additional questions.

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