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October 17, 2022

Johnny Judd Qola & Current Culture Testimonial

Video Transcript

Speaker: Johnny, Owner, 777kola

Who are you and what does your company do?

Johnny: Hi, my name is johnny Judd with triple seven cola and I'm a Tier three producer processor in Washington state.

What problems did you face before working with us?

Johnny: Yeah, Before working with Justin, we had all sorts of parameter issues with ph and monitoring nutrient levels and using uh the system with the current culture just really simplified everything and really brought everything back to where we could keep everything monitored and keep that real steady consistency in our growing techniques. And not only that the room parameters were much more easy to maintain and create consistency with temperature, humidity and just overall air content and quality. Um Everything changed really after we started working with Justin.

Specifically, what was the best thing about our product or service?

Johnny: really the best thing working with Justin is his attention to detail, and he really examines every situation, because every situation is different and conditions are always different, and he really has the ability to see what needs to happen and to be able to envision um what needs to be implemented to bring about the results that we were looking for. And it's that attention to detail that's like critical in these situations, because so many things are just have to be exactly the way they need to be to create the consistency and quality that we're looking for in the industry. And so.

What results did you achieve by working with us?

Johnny: The results that we achieved after working with Justin was incredible. Right out of the gate. We easily saw 40% gains in our yield potential. We were previously we were using a rock wool um with timed irrigation. Um once we moved to current culture and under Justin's council um our yield quality size, all the attributes of our product changed. Um It's really hard to, it was almost night and day. To tell you the truth, we were astonished, and I've never actually seen results like that until until we were able to uh to work with Justin. So it was incredible.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Johnny: Yeah, and I'd like to add, you know, I've known Justin personally um for quite a while, um we've been an industry for probably more than a decade, and I'd have to say he's probably the most uh upstanding, um just dedicated and hardworking individual. Uh He has so much attention for detail, he creates the success that he deserves, and professionally, he has always just been right on you want someone that does what they say and says what they do and you can count on Justin for that.

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