July 06, 2023

Video Transcript

You did an amazing job on the way you taught the thing, like how much detail you went into like, like every single penny. You know what I mean? So, yeah, I, I I'm grateful for that when I was telling people I was gonna take the course and like, even my wife, I'm like, I wanna learn from him because it's, it's everything that I need to know and he lays it out the, the layout of the course isn't really good. Like, you know, when Rick has pretty much covered thing for me is that not only does Rick share his expertise, his wisdom, his knowledge and his experience to his clients in the real estate industry, but I realized that he had a greater mission and his vision and his mission was to help people not only create results and success, but create better quality of lives for themselves. And that's the type of mission that I can stand behind. It's been an absolute pleasure and honor to support and help the professional real estate academy. So there's a lot of people in the group chat now that can help you out from trade accountants, builders, real estate investors, lots of successful agents. So it's a good overall, a good like group to be in, especially if you're trying to really grow and really kind of take the express route and have whatever help you need within arm's reach, right? Just a message. And Rick is always helpful. He under promises and he over delivers and that really goes through here. I know, I know people that are builders like I could for sure go to them and ask them like, well, how do I do this? But they're not going to give me a detailed breakdown of every everything that's going on and like how to, who to contact. And you're like, we're building a network and being able to talk to different people. So I think it's an awesome experience. It's structured really well, especially for someone who obviously doesn't do what we do on the regular. I really would like to thank the Ricky and the Academy for their support and helping me to overcome those obstacles. And so I can pursue a career in flipping on our third day. I think it was on the market and by that weekend it was sold, it sold for 6 30. We made about 90 grand amazing. And um it made a lot of sense to me and that was a lot of value in it. So he's an encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes to construction because he's been there. He's done that in terms of like, you know, condo flips, that's just a small portion of it. He's, he's in doing developments, he's doing land assemblies, he has a lot bunch of rental properties. He does single family builds definitely, you know, reach out to him and especially to all your realtors. I know you realtors like to sell homes man, but this is something that you can add to your portfolio and you know, make some extra extra cash as well too, right? Um So it's always a, it's, it's a definitely a win win. So I definitely recommend all each and every one of you to join in the real estate academy. If you guys want to get to the next level, he made a real difference in my life and the life of my family just giving me that financial freedom that I've always dreamed of. Once you join the course, you'll learn so much, so much knowledge, so much things that you can take with you in the future and use at any time. Yeah, I mean, I really like it. It's uh I like how it's broken down into different modules every week. It's enough time to kind of go through it and then kind of like work through it and think about it and digest it a bit, but information is available, but it's the way you narrow it down that uh has actually helped a lot. I think the course is great. I think it's very informative even me actually going, talking with clients, like talking about the numbers, something, you know, people like that, which is, which is awesome. That was good. How you had the mindset portion in the beginning because I think that's very important before you even jump in. Right. And this whole month I've been pretty much focusing on, you know, the mindset, just the numbers because what you're giving us, it's overwhelming, of course. Right. There's a lot of information coming at you. I've been pretty good this whole month. I've been just absorbing, taking so many notes through the videos. Like I have so many notes, they're actually pretty good, like the comparables and all that kind of stuff from the beginning. Like I didn't think that you needed to know it so much, breaking it down wise, it's really good. It's actually helping us some things I tell people, uh they're considering joining professional real estate academy. Is that number one, I'm a very skeptical person. Um I don't trust everything that I see online. Uh But after following Rick for some time, um I knew that he knew exactly what he was doing. He'd be able to provide the students with value, so to take the leap of faith and it met all of my expectations for some odd reason. The more that like properties you start seeing you can apply better after going through the course. Now I've gotten a lot more like comfortable, like just talking to people talking to agents, either you're a realtor, um just someone getting into real estate in general, um marketing, whatever. It's uh an academy that Rick is holding here. And I think it's all about mindset. It's all about success. So I think you will get value for it. Obviously, Rick is specialized in flipping homes and developing. So I think that's huge value to investors. But, you know, seeing from the program there are a lot of realtors in there as well. So if that's what you're considering, I'd say go for it, Rick is a great guy and he's all about success and he brings in great speakers. So you're going to get a lot of value just by being around successful people go for it.

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