Parm Dulku for Professional Real Estate Academy

June 02, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Parm Dulku, Red Seal Electrician

Parm Dulku: Hi, I'm, uh, a little

Parm Dulku: My main advice for anybody considering joining the professional real estate academy would be to hit the ground running. Um Don't be so worried about the 10 week. Uh course, I would just focus on your weekly tasks, get the videos in on time. Um Go to the both video uh video like Zoom links on Mondays and Thursdays. Um If you can't make it go over them over uh like whenever you have time in the evening um and would be just keep going and make sure you post anything that you're not uh sure about in the Facebook group chat. Everybody replies within like an hour to two hours. Um Everybody's really helpful and you never know because everybody's in the area. So there's a lot of people in the group chat now that uh can help you out from trades, um accountants, builders, real estate investors, lots of successful agents. So it's a, it's a good uh overall a good like uh group to be in um especially if you're trying to really grow and really uh kind of take the express route and uh have whatever help you need within arms reach, right? Just a message and uh, Rick's always helpful. Um And we're getting new coaches and there's so many new people, like couple of uh couple of big ones are like a Air B N B somebody's really good with that. Um A lot of like um mentors as well coming through from like big agencies like E X P. Um So it's literally, if you're anything related to real estate is definitely gonna be walking in and out of the doors of like the Zoom interviews. And Rick's really good at that. He always, he says he under promises and he over delivers and that really goes through here. Um and just a few more things. Uh Rick's probably already told you, but he's got a new physical office coming. So he wants to hold like 3 to 4 meetings a year just to meet in person really good if you're, let's say a new agent like me um around the space, a lot of trades, lots of experience in one room and obviously local. So hope you joined. Uh I can't wait to see you on the.

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