Zein Prater for Professional Real Estate Academy

June 02, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Zein Prater, Orthodontist

Zein Prater: Hi, my name is Zain. And the reason I chose to record this video and do this testimonial and uh is because Rick is the real deal. He made a real difference uh in my life and the life of my family just giving me that financial freedom, uh that I've always dreamed of. So I wanted, I wanted to know how to do this. I've always, you know, been interested in real estate, wanted to uh you know, flip houses, do this as a business as an investment, but I just didn't know how I just didn't know a step by step process. So when I met Rick, you know, I saw that he clearly had done it for years. Been wildly successful, had taught a lot of other people how to do it and then mapped out a step by step process. Once I uh you know, chose to work with him uh and invest in myself and invest in that program. I was able to uh get the step by step, detailed plan of attack to know what's necessary in all aspects. There was just complete clarity and that's what I was missing. I just wasn't sure where to start. I wasn't sure, you know how to get the money. I wasn't sure how to choose a property. I just didn't know how to do it. And it was overwhelming and Rick laid out this process in such a clear concise way and really cares and then went above and beyond, uh, to help me.

Zein Prater: The best advice I can give anyone who's trying to make this decision is just be open to the process. Just embrace all the amazing tips and tricks and strategies that are real. They're not just fluff, they're really a step by step game plan. So be open to that, embrace the process. Um, you know, be coachable, follow the steps and you will have enormous success. There's just no way not to if you follow the step by step game plan that Rick has laid out so clearly, which was the biggest thing for me because I felt overwhelmed by not knowing how to do it. And he showed me exactly what I needed to do, step by step and had amazing support. So I can't thank you enough, Rick and I'd let everyone know. I mean, everyone I talk to go for it. It's awesome.

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