Trystan King for Professional Real Estate Academy

June 02, 2023

Top Real Estate Agent

Video Transcript

Speaker: Trystan King

Trystan King: Hi there. My name is Tristan King. I'm a real estate agent and I chose to join professional real estate Academy for two reasons. Uh Reason number one was to add an additional income to what I already had. And uh reason number two was to uh learn more about exactly what it took to flip these properties quickly and working within a budget so I can better serve the clients that I work with.

Trystan King: Some things I wanted to learn upon joining the professional real estate academy was number one, how to flip properties quickly. I know a lot of people do flip properties but it takes them a lot of time and this opens up to a lot of risk. So, yeah, flipping properties say within two weeks that was important to me. And number two, I have no background in trades. Um So I did want to learn uh more about kind of what the process was um building a trades team uh and so on. I feel like it was very thorough in those areas and I got a lot out of it and I'm ready to apply it.

Trystan King: Some things I tell people, uh, they're considering joining professional real estate Academy is that number one, I'm a very skeptical person. Um, I don't trust everything that I see online. Uh, but after following Rick for some time, um, I knew that he knew exactly what he was doing, he'd be able to provide the students with value. So I did take the leap of faith and it met all of my expectations. Um, if you are thinking about it, uh, I do think if it's something that you're wanting to get into and take seriously, uh, learning how to do it the proper way, uh, is invaluable.

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