Harminder Sandhu for Professional Real Estate Academy

May 26, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Harminder Sandhu

Harminder Sandhu: I am a, I worked for Roger Sugar

Harminder Sandhu: I'm, I'm currently working on, uh, my very first flickr actually right now. Um, I know there's gonna be some hiccups, you know, it's my very first time but with the help of professional real estate academy, I know that those hiccups are gonna be very little and limited and very hope hoping for the

Harminder Sandhu: To be honest, this academy has given me that belief in myself. Um my goals, the confidence, the inner drive. Um There's a video at the end of week three. Um but it's called, it's called You versus you. Thank you, Ricky. Um uh It's given me that confidence to prove to myself and take those risks and that are holding me back. And uh I really like to thank uh Ricky and the academy for their support and helping me to overcome those obstacles. And so I can pursue a career in flipping. Uh I know I have a lot of people out in the academy that have reached out and uh given me their support and helped and that's what it's all about. It's just helping one another and to pursue something that you, that you are passionate about. And I'd highly recommend for anybody who is considering getting into this field that, you know, take that risk, take, don't be scared, take that risk, never know where it's gonna lead you.

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