Ezekiel Evangelista for Professional Real Estate Academy

June 02, 2023

Ezekiel Evangelista for Professional Real Estate Academy Video

Video Transcript

Speakers: Ezekiel Evangelista

Ezekiel Evangelista: Hey guys, my name is Ezekiel Evangelista coming from a different industry and different background. And the reason why I chose the professional real estate academy is because I really wanna learn more about flips and how to do it and the real estate industry in general. And um looking back, I haven't really found um you know, courses or books that actually talks about these kind of stuff. It's more like, you know, real life scenarios that's happening. And so that's one of the reasons why I got into it and also understanding why, even though we don't, we don't need to have a license, it could still actually make it work, right? And at the same time to learning more about how real estate works and how it could work for me and ultimately impacting the community.

Ezekiel Evangelista: All right. So for people that are still considering the professional real estate academy, I definitely highly recommend it because of the things that you'll be able to learn and the things that you, the knowledge that you'll be able to have broadening your horizon in terms in terms of real estate. And at the same time, the flipping game, how it could work for you if you're wondering if it's something that you're able, you're able to do without having that knowledge and background at the same time, doesn't, you don't belong, you feel that you don't belong in that industry, I can tell you that it's something that you'll be gonna be able to do. Because what I found is that Rick was able to develop a system so that people like me or you that may have limited knowledge, limited background in, in, in real estate is still able to do it, right. And the nice thing about it is that these are the things that you actually need to know, practical knowledge, practical, practical info that you will actually really need to know. That's I what I find so far is, is it's hard to find in books or in courses that I've seen out there.

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