Andy Khattar for Professional Real Estate Academy

June 02, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Andy Khattar, Top Real Estate Agent & Developer

Andy Khattar: Uh this is uh Andy Guitar. Um I guess you could call me a small time builder and a real estate agent. Um And, you know, one of the reasons why I joined a professional real estate academy was to learn more about the like, basically condo flips. Um You know what, I've been in construction for quite some time, you know, building custom homes for clients back homes as well. I started, I got into renovations as well just to basically leverage my skill set and just kind of, you know, start thinking outside the box and professional real State Academy has allowed me to do that. Um I was actually looking for a coach and a mentor for quite some time and, you know, after watching uh uh Rick's videos online and, you know, definitely like how transparent and he is easily. I feel like he's just a straight shooter, right? You know, he says it how it is, right? Doesn't sugar coat anything. And that's pretty much what I needed. Uh You know, some extra motivation to basically uh bring my, uh bring my career to the next level. And that was one of the reasons why I joined professional uh real estate Academy. Uh My experience has been uh phenomenal. Uh you know, um Rick's always bringing these heavy hitters every Mondays, every Thursdays. I mean, uh so, you know, definitely learning and just, you know, gaining valuable knowledge. So that was one of the reasons why I joined professional real estate Academy.

Andy Khattar: So one of the things that I wanted to learn was actually doing the condo flips and also leveraging, leveraging my, my real estate license. Um You know, I've never, never actually done that. I've done renovations for other clients per se, but uh you know, never to the, to the extent that Rick has been teaching and I'm really, really, really grateful for that. And also, um you know, being uh strict with my numbers previously, you know, um you know, making 50 K R O I on, on projects. Um you know, I, I usually used to kind of, you know, leave uh actually spend extra money on certain things of which I didn't like, you know, a couple of 2000 $3000 where I could be only spending $1000. Um You know, that's, you know, what the, with me joining the, joining the academy, this has basically, you know, put me in that mindset where, you know, I have to be very strict with my numbers when I'm kind of moving forward with the project and also make it turn. Um I actually thought like, you know, previously I did have a conversation want to rick about it as well. Um Like, you know, bringing my trade guys from my, my uh back home jobs or my custom builds uh and bringing them in to do the rentals. But after time, you know, these guys have multiple jobs, right? And they can't be going in and out because especially this being turned key very quick 10 days to Matt's 14 day rental, right? So, um you know, you had to basically kind of think outside the spots and make sure that you get it done in that time frame. You know, because at the end of it, you know, you have to time is money, right? As Rick mentioned. So, you know, definitely, you know, that's uh basically helped me a lot and, you know, just kind of moving forward. I'm just um going with uh you know, what Rick has taught me and just basically falling that to the t and that's pretty much how you're gonna move forward to your next product. You know, obviously, um you know, condo flips is just, it's a small part of it. You know, you want to get into development, you want to do land assemblies, you know, you want to do custom builds, you wanna do uh spec home builds, um that sort of thing you could, might, might want to get into commercial. So, you know, it's just a more of a stepping stone for you to kind of gain more knowledge and, you know, expand your horizon as well and obviously you have that mindset as well. Um, so it's definitely helped me a lot. Uh, and I'm, I'm, I'm forever grateful for that.

Andy Khattar: So what I would tell the other people uh that are considering joining the professional real estate academy is that uh you know, if you are looking to gain a wealth of knowledge in construction in condo flipping, you know, um you know, reach out to Rick, he's an encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes to construction because he's been there, he's done that, right? Um In terms of like, you know, condo flips, that's just a small portion of it. He's, he's in doing developments, he's doing land assemblies, he has a lot bunch of rental properties, he does single family builds. Um So a lot of a lot of that and you know, he's going doing that daily as well, right? So, um you know, definitely, you know, reach out to him and especially to all your realtors. I know you realtors like to sell homes, man, but this is something that you can add to your portfolio and you know, make some extra extra cash as well too, right? Um So it's always a, it's all, it's a definitely a win-win. So I definitely recommend all each and every one of you to uh join the Real estate academy, if you guys want to get to the next level.

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