SEO Basecamp Live - Alan Meier Testimonial

December 16, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Alan Meier, Positive Change Therapy

Tell us your name and a little bit about your private practice.

Alan Meier: My name is Alan Meier, I have a solo practice. I offer individual and couples therapy and I serve the l g b t q community specializing in addiction and grief.

What made you decide to join the SEO Basecamp Live Training Group?

Alan Meier: So I decided to join the SEO Base camp Live Training Group because I basically had a landing page that I was using as my web page. Something that I just started when I started my private practice a couple of years ago just to get something live. But it wasn't built out and it wasn't I haven't done any SEO On it and I wasn't getting any traffic on it. So I clearly needed to make some changes. And I figured that maybe in a course with the structure would really help me. number one be able to figure out what I was doing and then number two being able to have that structure to complete it during a certain period of time.

What specific outcome have you achieved as a result of going through this training?

Alan Meier: So what I have now that I didn't have before the SEO Basecamp Live is I basically have a workable website that actually shows my specializations and is optimized. You know I have seen improvements in traffic. I haven't seen my keyword rankings rank yet, but I have seen improvements in traffic. And in organic search which is pretty amazing because it was pretty flat line beforehand. So I'm definitely seeing a spike.

If you were to recommend this training to another therapist, what would you say?

Alan Meier: I would recommend this training. I learned a lot about SEO That I found difficult to glean from my own just because there's so much information out there and you know, I didn't know really where to start. And so I would do a little bit of like oh this sounds interesting, I'll try this. Maybe this will improve SEO Or maybe this will improve SEO But there wasn't a structure around the overall goal of what I wanted to do. So this really helped put the structure into place and set clear goals for each step to get there.

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