Morether Creative Agency Testimonial

April 13, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Daniel Palmer

Could you describe a time that PPC Sidekick helped you?

Daniel Palmer: Hey, I'm Daniel Palmer, uh from Temple Texas. I own a small marketing agency called Morether Creative Agency. We run fractional CMO work or outsource marketing directors for a handful of small businesses across the country. And one of the things that we offer is uh paper click or digital ads. And for a while, we were running some of the ads ourselves. Um and eventually we started realizing we just couldn't keep up and get the results that we really wanted for our clients. So we needed to bring in an expert. I'm a story brand certified guide have been for about three years. And so we turned into the story brand community and someone recommended Brandon Jones and his team at PPC sidekick and said that he's the guy to try. So reached out, had a conversation with Brandon and slowly started introducing clients to him. And one of the cool things right off the bat that we realized was that Brandon is very responsive. His team is very responsive. Uh They're very helpful, they provide intelligence and, and some of their expertise freely without charging any extra or spending time with us, um which is important to us because we want to get better results for our clients and I don't have the space and time to keep up trends and to learn really the the ad space in a way that he can with his team. So uh and the last thing was just very uh affordable. There was a price point that when we work with small clients, we wanna make sure that we're giving them as much value as possible for a price point that they can afford which Brandon allowed and gave us uh just a really good price um for the value he's providing us. So we've been thrilled. We've been happy. We're getting good results. He's helped a lot of small businesses across Texas and across the country. And so we're very grateful to ran to Brandon recommend him for anybody who's just looking to use them. So hopefully that's helpful. Thank you.

How would you describe PPC Sidekick in three words?

Daniel Palmer: Uh I would describe Brandon and his team as responsive A uh and B. Um They are experts in their field and helpful in what they, the information they provide. And then lastly, uh high value they provide uh services at a cost and price point that is good for small businesses. So those are three ways I would describe Brandon and his team.

Why is PPC Sidekick different from other similar products or services?

Daniel Palmer: Uh the team at PPC Sidekick, the, the way that they're different from other companies they work that we've worked with is the fact that they feel like I feel like they care about our clients and feel like they care about the results and, and what we're after. So they're invested in my success, which helps my client success. And that goes a long way. So, uh that's one particular way in which PPC sidekick is different than other vendors we worked with.

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