Stuart Ritchie Client Testimonial

September 15, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Stuart Ritchie

Why did you choose Power Bespoke as your agent?

Stuart Ritchie: I chose power bespoke because they've got a great reputation for looking after people, and also because they seem to achieve a really good price for their customers. Those are the two most important factors for me.

What challenges did you run into that Power Bespoke helped you sort out?

Stuart Ritchie: We had a really tight time scale. We were hoping to move so that my daughter could get into a particular school. So we only had seven weeks to get things done and that meant that everybody had to really move as quickly as possible. And what power bespoke really help with was they were very good at chasing people and very good at communicating, set up a WhatsApp group, so we all knew what was going on and they were really on the ball. Have to say. I was really impressed.

Why would you recommend working with Power Bespoke to anyone needing to sell or buy a home?

Stuart Ritchie: I'd recommend Power Bespoke because they actually do what they say they're gonna do. They really look after their customers and make sure that they get what they need out of the transaction, definitely worth every penny of their fee.

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