Aryeh Canter for Customer Testimonials

July 25, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Aryeh Canter, Director of Sales Operations, Ayyeka

How has Power Almanac helped?

Aryeh Canter: Power Almanac has radically transformed the way that we do sales at our company. We now have a direct line exactly to the decision makers who we need, and we're able to call them and set up meetings. Speeding up our sales cycles. Speeding up how long we have our SDR team making phone calls. Having more meaningful meetings from the very beginning of our process.

What three words best describe Power Almanac?

Aryeh Canter: Money in bank.

What do you like best about Power Almanac?

Aryeh Canter: What makes Power Almanac unique is the quality of the contacts we're getting out of it. I would say, upwards of 70-80% of the numbers and emails we get, are the exactly right person we need to be talking to. We very rarely ever have a bounced email or a wrong phone number. Occasionally, it's not the exact right decision maker, but that person can then point us to who the right person to speak is. I think, compared to everything else in the market, the quality of the content coming out of Power Almanac is far and away better at a fairly reasonable price point.

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