Positive Foundry BetterYet Teams Video Testimonial

September 03, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Helga Ouzts, Senior Manager

What's changed or shifted for you as a result of the Positive Foundry Champion Program?

Helga Ouzts: Things that have changed for me as a result of being in the Positive Foundry Champion program, is I'm better to myself, making sure that my mental and physical health is good so that I can help others. It helped me to be a better listener, better understanding of myself and of others, not to not to beat up on myself when I, you know, when I make a mistake, but to learn and improve from that. Also in everyday life, just using the skills we learned as far as listening, communicating. I used that at home, but also as a part of my job.

What is the biggest impact the Positive Foundry program has had on you?

Helga Ouzts: the biggest impact that Positive Foundry had on me was letting me see and know every day. the things that I am grateful for. One of the things that Chris Laura talked to us about was creating a gratitude journal and every day for the past several months I write down three things that I'm grateful for and there are three different things and it helps me to realize every day that there are so many things in this world that I have to be thankful for, that those little things when they come up and it feels, you know, it seems to get you off track, you can come back and say. But these are all the things that I have that I'm grateful for. So I'm not gonna let this one thing deter me. So I'm thankful for bringing awareness to myself every day that I have so many things in this world to be grateful for. And I'm really thankful for that because that journal kind of keeps me in line and keeps me focused on what really matters.

Describe your experience and how prepared you felt to facilitate the program with your team?

Helga Ouzts: Facilitation! This is the part of Positive Foundry that I love, which is being able to communicate with my team and others about the things we've learned in Positive Foundry. It has been awesome. The meetings have been great, but not only the Positive Foundry meetings, but all meetings that I have to facilitate. I incorporate a piece of the things I've learned in Positive Foundry and it helps the conversation and helps people feel comfortable and open to share. And I absolutely love that. But knowing that people feel okay to talk and discuss the things that help you emotionally, mentally and physically, really opens up doors to a conversation that helps everyone in the organization. And I absolutely love to talk. So, the Positive Foundry meetings have been awesome. So I love that we were able to experience that and now we can carry that forward and what we do as leaders in our conversations with our employees on a daily basis. So thank you guys for that.

What kind of changes have the people around you noticed since you started facilitating the program with your team?

Helga Ouzts: Mmm Starting the Positive Foundry meetings. One of the things that I absolutely loved was when we discussed looking at situations or things from a different lens, to be able to look at possibly the other side of the story. We always as humans, we make up stories in our head and I for one am guilty of that, but it's allowed me when I make up that story, I stopped and purposely say maybe it's something different. Maybe there's another reason why this is taking place. And so when I communicate with others, I incorporate that in our conversation. You know, I may get someone that says, you know, why is this happening? This took place? And I have the ability to say perhaps it's because of this and not that, which gives them a way, a reason to look at it in a different light. And so it helps the conversation. So I've noticed that I do that at home as well as at work and it helps, it helps manage the situation, but it also causes me not to get stressed out thinking, oh this could be the reason why this is happening. It may not be, it may be something else that's going on. So trying to stop making up those stories in our head. It's something that I work on purposely now, that Positive Foundry has brought it to light for me. And it's quite helpful in our conversations and people seem appreciative of that because when you're in the heat of the moment, you're looking at it a specific way and you have that story already planned out in your head. But when someone shows you a different lens, then it makes you stop and think and say, you know what, perhaps that is not what's taking place. So it helps with the conversation, but it also helps me help others. So I definitely appreciate that

What is one unexpected benefit the Positive Foundry program has had for you and your team?

Helga Ouzts: I think one of the unexpected benefits that Positive Foundry has had on me and my team is the ability to focus on ourselves. We spend all of our time focusing on our team and those around us to help them develop and be a better person. But sometimes we leave ourselves out and Positive Foundry. We spend a lot of time focusing on what we can do for ourselves, so we can be better for others and that helped us understand things we can do to help our physical health as well as our mental health, and sometimes we don't take the time to do that. But having those conversations and bringing the awareness and bringing it to the forefront, that you need to be good to be good to others was one of those unexpected things that was incorporated, that it keeps it in your mind and it helps you think, okay, what can I do, How can I be a healthier person? How can I help others on my team if they want to be a healthier person? So these are the things that kind of unexpected that was kind of put in there and it made you think about yourself instead of thinking about what you can do for your work team or for your family outside, but just spending a little time focusing on you.

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