PersonalRX Video Testimonials

August 17, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kelly Haynes

Why did you choose PersonalRX?

Kelly Haynes: Hey everybody, my name is Kelly Haynes. I'm from Atlanta Georgia and I want to give a real big shout out to PersonalRX. I've been living in Atlanta for 46 years. I am moving to florida to be with my children and my grandchildren, one on the way, and my mom is in assisted living here. My father died a year ago. Well, I'm taking my mom to Florida with me and she's gonna live with me. I know from taking care of my parents for so long that medication is a top priority. So in lining up all the care down there, I reached out to about five companies for medication management to be shipped to the house. Three of which I never heard back from. The fourth one, I did get a call back. Then I called them back and I could tell, by first impression, that I was really bothering her and she was having a bad day. Then I called PersonalRX. The phone was answered on the second ring. It was Zoey and she's called a personal care specialist. What she is is very personal and very professional. She explained the whole process to me, I know what I'm talking about because I've been dealing with medication management for my mom and she clearly was very well informed. First impressions are everything in a business and Zoey represents PersonalRX very well. So that was my first point of ease in what is a very stressful situation and after I signed up with PersonalRX honestly, because of the response I got, I was then dealing with Yvonne, who is an on-boarding manager, And so she just followed right in Zoey's footsteps. The responsiveness, the call backs, the attention to detail, I just got to give you a shoutout, PersonalRX. Great job! You're on board. As a matter of fact, the first month supply is being delivered today for my mom at the assisted living where she's at and then once we move in two weeks, it's going to Florida. I have no doubt in my mind that it will be in Florida and I can't tell you how much PersonalRX has made a huge difference in what has been a very, you know, stressful move and lots of things to do. So thank you Zoey, thank you Yvonne and thank you for everybody at PersonalRX. You have made my life transition so much easier. Great job.

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